4 reasons the NY Giants were winners at the trade deadline

Joe Schoen got things right and he didn't panic

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
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2. Not trading Saquon Barkley

Similar to Jackson, we know that Barkley was heavily rumored to be targeted by multiple teams prior to the deadline. Despite that, the Giants didn't budge after going on record multiple times saying that Barkley wasn't going to be moved. For the sake of not only the team now, but their future, this is absolutely the right move.

The Giants likely could have gotten at least a second-round pick in exchange for the star running back, which would have been nice. However, with how important he is to this team, trading him would have spelled disaster for the rest of the season. We've already seen what the Giants backfield looks like without Barkley for just three games, so it's painful to imagine the remaining nine.

Through five games this season, Barkley has racked up 110 carries for 412 yards and a touchdown, averaging 3.7 yards per carry. While on paper, these numbers aren't spectacular, Giants fans know how crucial he's been to the team's offense. The Giants have had one of the worst offensive seasons in franchise history and the only reason we've seen any success on that side of the ball these last three weeks is because of Barkley.

Trading the 26-year-old RB would be nonsensical, so we praise Schoen for making the right decision with this one. Hopefully, the two can work out a contract extension this offseason that will keep Barkley in New York for the foreseeable future.