Rookie Jalin Hyatt opens up on NY Giants' goals down stretch, Tommy DeVito connection

Are the Giants about to play spoiler again on Monday Night Football?

New England Patriots v New York Giants
New England Patriots v New York Giants / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages

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NY Giants rookie wideout Jalin Hyatt showed off his explosive, game-breaking ability on the first drive of Daniel Jones' second half against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 2, hauling in a momentum-shifter that propelled New York to a historic comeback.

Unfortunately, that was the highlight of Jones' season; far too often, he was swarmed behind a patchwork offensive line, and fell victim to a torn ACL. Jones aims to return by training camp, but his pivot-point injury, as well as an injury to backup QB Tyrod Taylor, opened the door to contributions from folk hero third-stringer Tommy DeVito.

Now, the Giants sit 4-8, though on a two-game winning streak under DeVito's stewardship. As the surprising gunslinger has emerged, so has Hyatt. Perhaps the most perfect throw of the UDFA's career thus far as a dart to the third-rounder on the opening drive of the Giants' game against the Patriots, evoking memories of Eli Manning's basket-finder to Mario Manningham in Super Bowl XLVI.

"I see a confident player when I see Tommy. A quarterback that's decisive, and not only that, he throws an accurate pass. He's learning, and I'm just proud of what he has done so far," Hyatt confirmed.

With the Green Bay Packers coming to town for Monday Night Football, still seeking a playoff berth, Hyatt told FanSided that playing spoiler isn't necessarily on the Giants' radar. They just want to keep working -- and losing isn't an option.

NY Giants wide receiver Jalin Hyatt prepared to continue forging bond with Tommy DeVito

"They're a hot team, but not only that, we're a hot team as well," Hyatt said. "But it's all about us right now. If we can control what we can control, do what we can do, as far as our gameplan and what we want to do against Green Bay, I think we have a great chance. We just can't beat ourselves. That's our motto right now. We just have to worry about us."

Unsurprisingly, Hyatt isn't allowing himself to be distracted by the draft; which position the Giants target and where they pick is of no concern to him. Whoever's imported, he believes the infrastructure is already in place to breed success, and that everyone on the roster is still operating in Daboll's image.

Namely, "We're not out of it."

"You really know what a team is when you face adversity. We faced some early in the season, and it just brought us closer as a team" Hyatt said, when asked about the recent brewing momentum heading into next year. "The way that we fought back, still trying to push for playoff hopes ... that's what we want, man. Here with the Giants, we're always going to fight for what we want."

"We have so much ahead of us. We just need to keep doing what we know we can do."