4 salary cap decisions the Giants will have to make in 2024

With free agency and the draft around the corner, the Giants need to do these things to save money

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1. Restructure Bobby Okereke's contract

There's a lot of restructuring that needs to happen for the Giants to create room, but looking into Bobby Okereke's deal should be interesting. Restructuring their top linebacker's deal will save about $4.5 million, not as much as restructuring Thomas and Lawrence, but it's another one of their best options.

There's a reason why Daniel Jones and Darren Waller weren't included on this list. Restructuring Jones' deal would save $22 million this season, but pushes back around the same amount into future years, something Schoen certainly does not want to do, considering the deal was structured to have an out after the 2024 season. Unless Schoen foresees Jones being their guy beyond 2025, they won't be touching that contract.

With Waller, things are tricky. Schoen reiterated at his end-of-the-season presser that they'd do the Waller trade again if they had the chance, basically confirming he'll be on the team in 2024. He's going to be 32 by Week 1 and has an injury history, so restructuring him and adding more money to the future likely isn't the move. They could trade Waller, but they want him on the team and who knows if there's even a fair potential market.