Saquon Barkley Cowboys exchange with Cole Beasley has Giants fans fearing the worst

A public plea for Barkley to join the Cowboys isn't sitting well with Giants fans

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants
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The NFL offseason is always full of rumors and speculation, with fans and analysts alike looking for any type of things to talk about related to any team.

Former Cowboys wide receiver Cole Beasley has done a lot of talking on Twitter as of late and one of his recent tweets has made headlines. Beasley was in training camp this past season in East Rutherford with the NY Giants and didn't last very long, asking for his release after not seeing a path to the active roster.

Despite that, Beasley is publicly campaigning for Saquon Barkley to sign with the rival Cowboys. Yeah, this is something that can never happen.

Saquon Barkley joining the Cowboys next season would be a nightmare

This is all likely nothing, as Barkley is replying to a former "teammate," even though Beasley wasn't with the Giants for very long. Nonetheless, it has to be something Barkley is thinking about heading into free agency. The Giants and Barkley both have to prepare for the possibility that they could be heading towards a divorce, one that wouldn't sit well with most of the fanbase.

Barkley is the face of the franchise and has been for a number of seasons up to this point. While this campaign certainly didn't go as most expected, Barkley for most of the time was the only watchable person on offense. He had a down year technically, but his importance on offense shouldn't go unnoticed.

Earlier this week, Kayvon Thibodeaux had some things to say about the team deciding not to pay Barkley before Daniel Jones last offseason. It has created plenty of Giants drama, something Joe Schoen didn't need to happen right now.

Of course the clip was taken out of context and doesn't include the part where Thibodeaux says he believes in Jones, but what he's saying is more of an indictment on the team not making Barkley a priority.

If Kayvon is saying it, then he's certainly not the only one in the locker room that feels Barkley should've gotten paid as well. This just shows how important Barkley is to the team: all he wants to do is win in New York and his future with the Giants is in serious doubt heading into free agency.

If he were to head to Dallas? That would be a major shakeup and would send shockwaves around the league. Beasley pushing for it is one thing, but Barkley even laughing at the thought and showing love to the former NY wideout has a lot of people talking. Please, for the love of everything that is holy, don't even think about moving to Dallas if you don't re-sign with the Giants, Saquon.