Saquon Barkley recruiting Jason Kelce back to the Eagles makes his Giants exit worse

Saquon is hoping the All-Pro center will run things back with Philly

After negotiations on a long-term contract with the New York Giants reached a standstill last
After negotiations on a long-term contract with the New York Giants reached a standstill last / Kevin R. Wexler The Record / USA TODAY

How could things possibly get worse? When Eagles All-Pro center Jason Kelce announced his retirement, there was plenty of relief in East Rutherford, as Kelce had been a problem for years for the NY Giants. Cheers to you, Jason.

However, with some of the big moves Howie Roseman has made this offseason, there's been buzz that Kelce could end his retirement early in Tom Brady-type fashion. That buzz is only going to grow with former Giants standout Saquon Barkley shooting his shot in getting Kelce to come back too:

Saquon Barkley isn't doing the Giants any favors this offseason

Come on, 2-6. It was bad enough that Barkley broke countless hearts by signing with the enemy, but now he's trying to make Philly even better by bringing back one of the best lineman in the league over the past decade?

Kelce was quite emotional following the Eagles' postseason loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in January. After that defeat, the writing was on the wall for him and the assumption was that he had played his last contest. He confirmed that with his retirement press conference.

However, from the moment the Eagles added Barkley to their already loaded offense, it certainly raised Kelce's eyebrows. Now, Barkley is straight up telling him to come back and put on a show with him in Philly. If Kelce was torn about his decision before, then Barkley is surely giving him even more to think about this offseason.

Last campaign, Kelce showed that despite him turning 36 years old in November, he can still play at an elite level. The man was a First-Team All Pro in 2023, the sixth time he's taken home that honor. Kelce still has plenty left in the tank - something tells us he still has the fire to keep playing ball as well. If Barkley remains in his ear about playing, it could prove to be amazing news for the Eagles down the road and yet another gut punch for the G-Men.