Should Jets' game-tying field goal vs. Giants have counted due to illegal spot?

Did the Jets get away with an illegal play against the Giants on Sunday?

New York Jets v New York Giants
New York Jets v New York Giants / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages

The end of the NY Giants loss to the New York Jets is going to be talked about for quite some time. Not only did the Giants somehow blow this game (they had a 99.9 percent chance of winning at one point!) in stunning fashion, but it came against their hated rivals.

However, did Gang Green get away with an illegal play at the end of regulation to force overtime? Giants fans are convinced this was the case, as it sure looked like the Jets spotted the ball on their own and then spiked the ball with one second left... but, should this have been allowed?

Giants fans are convinced the officials screwed Big Blue over at the end of the Jets loss

At first look, yes, we'll admit this looked like the Jets got away with an illegal play. However, the refs have since explained that no rules were broken. The Jets center may have grabbed the ball and spotted it on his own, but the placement was cleared by the side judge and an official even went and tapped it as well.

A lot of Big Blue supporters still think the refs screwed this team over, but unfortunately, this play looks clean and Greg Zuerlein was able to drill his field-goal attempt as time expired to force overtime at MetLife.

Then in the OT session, the Giants did absolutely nothing on offense to start things off and a rough Jamie Gillan punt had the Jets in business. An Adoree' Jackson pass interference on third down then basically put the win on a platter for the Jets, with Zuerlein drilling a walk-off kick. Ball game.

With the loss, the Giants are 2-6 on the year. It's rough to think that this team was one play away from taking down Buffalo and less than 30 seconds away from downing the NYJ. This team could be 4-4 on the year, but instead they're stuck on two victories and the morale could not be any lower.