Stefon Diggs trade might gift Giants the ultimate veteran star QB in 2025

Is it too early for Giants fans to start dreaming?

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
New York Giants v Buffalo Bills / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages

After all the cryptic tweets that were typed up and posted by Stefon Diggs, you just had a feeling the Buffalo Bills front office would finally realize that enough was enough. That's the case now, as a blockbuster trade between the Bills and Houston Texans for the star wideout has been finalized.

Diggs was a stud for Buffalo, but now that he's out of town, some people think Buffalo's window to get back to the Super Bowl could be dead and gone. With that, could the Bills look to start rebuilding sooner than later? Here's an idea, have the NY Giants use their No. 6 overall pick on Malik Nabers or Rome Odunze - then, play out the year with Daniel Jones or Drew Lock. Come 2025... go and get Josh Allen.

The NY Giants reuniting Josh Allen with Brian Daboll in 2025 would be electric

It's going to take quite the trade offer from the Giants to even get the Bills to consider, but if things go south again for Jones in 2024, the Giants can release him and not have to worry about his massive cap hit. Sure, there'd be a decent amount of dead money to take on, but it'd be worth it if someone like Allen could come in.

Giants head man Brian Daboll knows Allen quite well, as he helped him take his game to the next level while he was still in Buffalo as the team's offensive coordinator. Daboll is also quite close with Diggs, which is why a lot of Giants fans were hoping he'd be the WR1 to help this offense get back on track.

Instead, Diggs is headed to the AFC South to team up with C.J. Stroud - that's going to be an exciting combo. Moving forward, Allen doesn't have a star wideout to work with once Week 1 gets here. Who will step up and make plays for the Buffalo aerial attack?

The Giants are looking at Odunze, Nabers and even Marvin Harrison Jr. as possibilities for Schoen at No. 6. Having said that, if the Giants focus on building this team through the draft and don't use a high pick on a signal-caller, then we can go ahead and dream of an Allen move to East Rutherford next offseason. Is it crazy? Sure, but Buffalo could be in for a rough campaign without Diggs and a move to a new city for Allen could be in the cards after 2024 comes and goes.