4 teams we hope blow it in Week 13 with the NY Giants off

The Giants making a playoff appearance in 2023 is not out of reach just yet

Buffalo Bills v Philadelphia Eagles
Buffalo Bills v Philadelphia Eagles / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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1. Philadelphia Eagles

While the Philadelphia Eagles aren't necessarily competing with the Giants for a playoff spot, a loss to the San Francisco 49ers this week would give the Giants hope as they prepare to face their divisional rival twice in the next five weeks.

The Eagles will arguably have their most challenging game this week at home against the Niners. While Philly holds the No.1 seed in the NFC with a 10-1 record, they will face an excellent 49ers team right behind them in the standings, which could be an early preview of the NFC championship game. One of these teams will likely represent the conference in the Super Bowl. Now, the stage is set, and everybody is starting to make their picks on who will win this highly anticipated matchup on Sunday.

While a Philadelphia loss on Sunday doesn't impact where the Giants sit in the NFC East standings, they will be supporting the Niners because they don't want to see their divisional rivals carry their success over from last season this year and because it would give San Francisco a strong chance at obtaining the top-seed in the conference within the next few weeks. The G-Men will also prepare to face the Eagles twice before the season ends, so a loss this week would give New York some momentum when they face Philly.