Tiki Barber steps up to defend Brian Daboll over Giants turmoil this offseason

The Giants legend isn't going to let people bad mouth Coach Dabes

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Things have been split among the NY Giants fanbase this offseason. On one side, people are furious with Brian Daboll for the way things have shaped out with his coaching staff. Multiple assistants are no longer with the team, including Wink Martindale.

However, on the other side, countless Big Blue supporters are pleased with Coach Dabes for putting his foot down and cleaning up any distractions inside of the locker room. The list includes team great Tiki Barber, who didn't hold back with his latest comments in showing support for the 2022 NFL Coach of the Year.

Tiki Barber defended Brian Daboll over what's happened with the Giants in recent weeks

"The narrative of ‘This sounds like trouble for the Giants because Daboll has problems with his coordinators,’ maybe the coordinators sucked in those moments. You should have a problem with them. I’m serious.

Tiki Barber

While speaking on his WFAN radio show, Barber indeed said some of Daboll's coaches are more to blame for the Giants issues and everything shouldn't be on the head coach. Special teams coordinator Thomas McGaughey was fired and it was a move that people were calling for since early in the year.

The same could be said for Bobby Johnson, as the offensive line was a nightmare to watch in 2023 and some of the young linemen, including former No. 7 overall pick Evan Neal, didn't take a step forward as expected. Johnson deserved plenty of blame for that.

The main headliner this month has been the Giants parting ways with Martindale, but come on, their relationship had been a mess for a while - the writing was on the wall for him to not return to the team next season. It's not like the defense was lights out all year too, which people have noted.

With the Giants finishing 6-11, you knew changes were coming for the coaching staff. Daboll put his foot down quickly and he's already bringing in replacements. Barber isn't worried about the job he's doing, though, and he still has full faith in him getting the G-Men back on the right track.