Tommy DeVito makes things right with NJ pizzeria, agent pays the price

Tommy Cutlets said the issues with the local restaurant were a big misunderstanding

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Thankfully there was a happy ending to this story after all. On Sunday night, NY Giants fans were quite upset with Tommy DeVito, as it was reported that he was backing out of an event with a pizzeria/bakery in Morristown, N.J. due to a price issue.

Originally, DeVito and his agent had agreed to a deal worth $10,000 for his appearance at Coniglio’s Old Fashioned, but that figure doubled to $20,000 following the Big Blue win over the Packers. According to Giants insider Ryan Dunleavy, DeVito had no idea about the increase. On Tuesday afternoon, DeVito showed up to the shop for free.

Tommy DeVito did the right thing with Coniglio’s Old Fashioned in New Jersey

"It was really important to me. There was a lot going at that time — and a lot of people doing different things as part of my team. Some things slipped through the cracks and as soon as I was made aware of it — which was Monday, when it hit my phone — that’s when I was like, ‘We need to go in there, meet him face to face, set things right, eat the awesome pizza and have fun.'"

DeVito told Ryan Dunleavy

According to Dunleavy, DeVito's agent Sean Stellato has since been relieved of handling DeVito's off-field appearances, with the Giants signal-caller hiring Maxx Lepselter as his new marketing rep. In the end, this appears to have been a huge misunderstanding and DeVito wanted to make sure things got cleared up.

It has been a memorable 2023 for the N.J. native, as the Don Bosco Prep product has made five starts for the Giants out of nowhere, posting a 3-2 record. Unfortunately for DeVito and the G-Men, NY suffered a 24-6 loss to the Saints in Week 14, basically killing any hopes of a postseason berth.

Despite that, DeVito has won over countless hearts thanks to his strong play at times, plus his fantastic personality. That's why it was such a shock that he was demanding more money, but it turns out it was Stelatto who dropped the ball here and not Tommy Cutlets.