Tommy DeVito Mania is officially over for the Giants with Tyrod Taylor taking over

Tyrod Taylor will start this weekend against the Rams

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

This felt like an easy decision for NY Giants head coach Brian Daboll. In Monday's 33-25 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, quarterback Tommy DeVito struggled in the first half, throwing for just 55 yards. Because of this, Daboll sent him to the bench and Tyrod Taylor took over.

Taylor made some big-time throws, highlighted by a 69-yard touchdown pass to Darius Slayton. With the Rams next up on the schedule, it was up in the air who would lead the offense out onto the field. We now have our answer, though, with Coach Dabes announcing Taylor will get the nod.

Tyrod Taylor will start for the Giants vs. the Rams

Taylor tossed for 133 yards and a touchdown in the second half. He also had an interception to his name, but it came on the last play of the game when he just lobbed the ball into the end zone hoping that a Big Blue receiver would come down with it.

Instead, Kelee Ringo posted the INT, but Giants Nation is still furious pass interference wasn't called for a clear foul on Saquon Barkley. With that loss, the Giants are now 5-10 on the season, eliminated from postseason contention and they don't have much of anything to play for.

However, there's always going to be a lot of pride on the line and Taylor is going to want to do his best over the next two games. With Taylor, he's a free agent after this season and it's unknown if he'll return to East Rutherford or not.

Even if he signs with a new team, he can use the next two weeks as an audition. Meanwhile for DeVito, he went 3-3 as the starter and he gave the fanbase a lot of fun memories whenever he was out on the field. With that said, it's clear Taylor gives this team its best chance to win both against the Rams this weekend and the Eagles in Week 18.