5 Tommy DeVito plays that prove he should be back with the Giants next season

Tommy DeVito has already earned a spot on the Giants roster next season

Green Bay Packers v New York Giants
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2. 32-yard pass to Wan'Dale Robinson to set up winning field goal against the Packers

The play that won the Giants their most recent game against the Packers on Monday night was a DeVito 32-yard pass to Wan'Dale Robinson to set up a game-winning 37-yard field goal attempt for Randy Bullock with time expiring on the clock. Robinson's catch put Bullock and the Giants in great field position, which allowed the Giants to keep their winning streak alive.

Before the play, the Giants had been driving down the field with a five-point lead until Saquon fumbled the ball on the Green Bay 15 yard line, which led to Packers' quarterback Jordan Love responding with a two-minute drive ending in a Malik Heath touchdown, giving his team the lead.

With the Packers ahead 22-21 and 1:33 remaining in regulation, DeVito and the Giants went back to work. Big Blue was on their own 46-yard line and still needed more yards to get into field goal range to set up Bullock. Then, Tommy Cutlets stepped up with the game on the line to connect with Robinson for 32 yards. It seems like every time the Giants are down late in the game and look to be out, DeVito has another trick up his sleeve to give the G-Men a legitimate chance to win.