5 Tommy DeVito plays that prove he should be back with the Giants next season

Tommy DeVito has already earned a spot on the Giants roster next season

Green Bay Packers v New York Giants
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1. Isaiah Hodgins 8-yard touchdown against the Packers

One of the most impressive plays of Tommy Cutlet's tenure with the Giants came this past Monday against the Packers. With Big Blue ahead 14-13 late in the third quarter and the Giants threatening on Green Bay's 8-yard line, the rookie quarterback scrambled out of pressure and connected with Isaiah Hodgins for a toe-tap catch in the corner of the end zone to extend the Giants' lead.

While Hodgins' ability to make the play and get two feet in bounds with great coverage from Green Bay's secondary was awe-inspiring, DeVito's throw was even more stunning, as he escaped the pressure from the Packers' defensive line. The rookie quarterback's throw had to be perfect; otherwise, Hodgins would have been out of bounds, and the Giants would have to decide what to do on fourth down.

The Tommy Cutlets story keeps getting better week after week for the New York Giants and Big Blue fans; let's hope this run continues and the undrafted rookie quarterback can help the G-Men clinch a playoff spot. The undrafted rookie quarterback continues to make these show-stopping plays, keeping the Giants competitive in every game. DeVito will undoubtedly be a player to watch on Sunday against the New Orleans Saints, but regardless of the outcome, DeVito has become a fan-favorite and it seems Giants fans wouldn't mind him staying with the team beyond this season.