Tommy DeVito proving at OTAs he can't be written off the Giants yet

Tommy DeVito is still fighting for a roster spot with the G-Men and looking good
New England Patriots v New York Giants
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The 2023 season was full of surprises for the New York Giants. While many of them were negative, Tommy DeVito's contribution as a breath of fresh air to the team was one of the few positive takeaways. 

Whether he was running for his life and making plays on the field or boasting his electric off-the-field presence, it felt like there was always a new, exciting story regarding DeVito. Despite being catapulted into the starting job after an injury to Tyrod Taylor, DeVito made the most of his opportunity on the field, posting over 1,000 yards passing and throwing eight touchdowns.

While no one is trying to convince Giants fans that DeVito is the quarterback for the future, it certainly felt like he earned the opportunity to compete for a roster spot heading into 2024. With Daniel Jones back and healthy, along with Drew Lock coming to East Rutherford to presumably back Jones up, DeVito will have to slide in as QB3. However, a recent tweet by Art Stapleton reporting from OTAs may be telling a different story:

Will Tommy DeVito make the Week 1 roster for the NY Giants?

With Stapleton’s tweet, it’s important to preface that it is still OTAs, but it’s good to see that DeVito seems to have taken his game to another level in the offseason. At the end of the day, seeing a player like DeVito progress and push his teammates to improve will always be a net positive for the G-Men.

However, with questions on where DeVito lies on the depth chart and early reports that Lock has a real chance to win the starting job in 2024, the G-Men's quarterback position is in complete chaos. While pushing competition and letting the best player win the job is crucial, it’s equally important to have some structure and reliability for the quarterback position.

Rather than leaving the skill position players and O-Line in the dark about who they’ll be blocking for or catching balls from, maybe naming Jones as starter and Lock as QB2 sooner rather than later wouldn’t be the worst idea. Barring some unforeseen circumstances, DeVito will still be clocking in at QB3 if he’s on the roster heading into the 2024 season - worse case, he'll be on the practice squad as the emergency QB still able to suit up on Sundays.

As OTAs continue, all Giants fans can hope for is similar levels of competition and play amongst the team throughout training camp. With so much at stake heading into Week 1, let’s hope the Giants are prepared to shock the world and return to their 2022 form right from the start of the season.