3 reasons Tommy DeVito should remain the Giants starting QB the rest of the season

The NY Giants need to stick with Tommy DeVito as their starter for the rest of the campaign

New York Giants v Washington Commanders
New York Giants v Washington Commanders / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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Who in the world saw that coming? On Sunday, the NY Giants were able to stun the Washington Commanders and quarterback Tommy DeVito turned out to be the hero. He finished with a career-high three touchdowns in New York's stunning 31-19 victory.

Soon enough, Tyrod Taylor is expected to be activated off Injured Reserve and a lot of fans are hoping that he'll get back under center. Let's hold the phone on that. With the way DeVito performed vs. Washington, he has proven that he could be the right man for the QB2 job moving forward. With that said, here are four reasons why DeVito should stay as the starting QB for the rest of the campaign:

3. Tommy DeVito can use the rest of the season as an audition for 2024

While he won’t be the starter next year, perhaps DeVito can prove himself as a valuable and talented backup who can win you football games for the future. Whether it’s Daniel Jones, Anthony Richardson or someone else, we have seen a ton of injuries from starting quarterbacks this season and the teams without serviceable backups have collapsed.

If he proves himself, DeVito can be an affordable backup with some talent. It’s only one game, but it was at least good to see what he could do vs. Washington. There’s no benefit to playing Taylor the rest of the season, especially if the Giants start losing games again. Taylor is going to be a free agent in the offseason and he won't be cheap to bring back.

If the Giants were to re-sign DeVito, they'd be able to sign the homegrown talent to a pretty cheap, affordable deal. DeVito isn't going to be a starter in this league, but his performance against Washington can't be ignored, He looked fantastic at times. This showing might have been enough to help him return to this team next fall.