3 reasons Tommy DeVito should remain the Giants starting QB the rest of the season

The NY Giants need to stick with Tommy DeVito as their starter for the rest of the campaign

New York Giants v Washington Commanders
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1. Tommy DeVito's story is making the Giants season fun

Okay, we'll admit, this isn't a reason that Daboll and Joe Schoen are going to be thrilled about, but come on, how much fun has this DeVito story been for the fanbase to enjoy? Entering Sunday, the G-Men were 2-8 on the campaign and the morale for the Big Blue supporters had reached rock bottom - people hadn't smiled in weeks.

However, the former Don Bosco Prep standout in DeVito has become a local hero for people all over New Jersey. How great is it to see an NJ native perform like this for the Giants? DeVito's Italian celebration after his first touchdown in Week 11 was something that would make Tony Soprano beyond proud. Just take a look at this:

Big Blue Nation is having a ton of fun with him too. The nicknames? They include Tommy Cutlets, the Passing Paisano, Tommy Touchdowns and more. DeVito is a guy all fans are rooting for, even those who have embraced the tank. DeVito indeed has been a great story, but when The Passing Paisano is scoring three TDs in a game, he's clearly doing something right.