Top 5 free agency and NFL Draft needs for the Giants, ranked

There are several big-time needs for the Giants this offseason

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With the 2023 season officially coming to an end, 31 teams are looking at their rosters wondering where they can make improvements. Unfortunately for the NY Giants, they need those improvements all over the field. Whether it was because of injuries or simply poor play, this team looked nowhere near as good as it did the year prior.

However, with a Top 10 pick, multiple second-round picks and an enticing destination for free agents, Big Blue can fill some of those gaps with players that will make an impact right away. Here's our look at the most important needs for the team, ranked:

5. Running back/safety

This may be considered cheating having two positions at the No. 5 spot, but the immediate need for the Giants with these positions depends on what their top free agents do. For running back, it's simple. Keep Saquon Barkley around and this position is no longer a need. Even in a pass-happy league, teams need a good running back at the very least unless your name is Patrick Mahomes. We've seen what this offense looks like without Barkley and it isn't pretty. Losing him for nothing would be a disaster.

Barkley makes all the headlines when it comes to Giants free agents and deservedly so, he's the best player on the team. But, Xavier McKinney is a sneaky "must re-sign" for this front office. Like Barkley, if they keep McKinney, the safety position is no longer a need.

McKinney and Jason Pinnock would be a solid safety duo. However, if he opts to leave, the front office will need to find his replacement through the draft or free agency and not simply hope Dane Belton or Gervarrius Owens will take major leaps.