Top 5 free agency and NFL Draft needs for the Giants, ranked

There are several big-time needs for the Giants this offseason
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3. Quarterback

It's well known by now Daniel Jones isn't THE guy for Big Blue, he's just the guy right now. He played well enough in 2022 to earn that huge contract, but followed up his big payday miserably. In the six games he played in, Jones threw for only two touchdowns and six interceptions.

A nagging neck injury plus a torn ACL didn't help, of course, but from what we saw, Jones regressed to his first couple of years in the league. The Giants will need another guy under center when it comes to the future of this franchise, but that won't happen this year. Where the Giants are in the draft, the consensus Top 3 QBs will be gone and there is no reason for the G-Men to trade up and lose draft capital with all the needs they have.

They need to use one of their second-round picks to draft a potential Jones replacement. Give the draftee time to develop and in turn a chance for Jones to earn some redemption. If the going gets tough, plug in whoever they drafted and see what he can do. The free agent QB class is filled with older, past-their-prime guys who would serve as good backups for contenders. That's not what the Giants need - they need to start fresh and the draft is the way to do that.