3 reasons Tyrod Taylor should remain the Giants starter over Daniel Jones

Should Brian Daboll stick with the hot hand and keep Daniel Jones on the bench?

Washington Commanders v New York Giants
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2. Tyrod Taylor does a good amount of things better than Daniel Jones

From an objective standpoint, Jones is still likely the better QB. However, this does not mean that Taylor doesn't do certain things on the football field better than him. Most notably, his ability to move around in the pocket and extend plays. Jones isn't necessarily bad at this, but he has far too many moments where he is just standing around in the pocket, which, with this offensive line, cannot happen.

Alongside this, there's the aforementioned deep ball ability and willingness to throw them. Jones has proven that he can be an accurate passer when throwing the ball deep, but the problem is that he doesn't do it often, if at all. Jones has consistently missed receivers wide open down the field for what could have been game-changing plays in order to get the ball out for a shorter gain.

You could even make the argument that Taylor reads and processes defenses better. At the very least, he does it faster, which leads to high amounts of success and some of the big-time plays that we've seen him make, such as his TD pass to Waller against the Commanders on Sunday.

Immediately when he takes the snap, Taylor reads the zone and drops a pass perfectly between the defenders. I'm not saying Jones can't do this, but the speed with which Taylor makes the read and throw leads to a perfect ball for the Giants' first TD since the SF game. Jones may objectively be better, but with the holes this offense has, there's little doubt that Taylor's skill set fits a little better than that of Jones.