3 reasons Tyrod Taylor should remain the Giants starter over Daniel Jones

Should Brian Daboll stick with the hot hand and keep Daniel Jones on the bench?
Washington Commanders v New York Giants
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1. Daniel Jones has struggled this season and should have a tighter leash

While a good portion of Jones' struggles can be blamed on things like the offensive line and competition he's played against, there's no doubt that he hasn't lived up to his $160 million contract thus far. This, combined with him making far more mistakes on easy plays than he ever did last season, has us concerned about his future with the team. Maybe he'll turn it around upon his return, but as of now, Taylor has undoubtedly looked better.

Through five games, Jones has completed 68.9 percent of his passes for just 884 yards, two touchdowns, and six interceptions while also fumbling the ball four times. Granted, four of Jones' interceptions have come off the hands of receivers he's targeted, but they're turnovers nonetheless. In addition to this, Jones has missed a lot of easy throws that have set the Giants back big time on offense.

Taylor hasn't been perfect, but thus far he's played some pretty mistake-free football, not having turned the ball over or even fumbled once through his first two starts. In addition to the other things we've seen Taylor do well, it's almost hard to say with an objective point of view that Jones should continue to start. Brian Daboll has said there's no QB controversy in East Rutherford, but you know what... there should be.