4 unforgivable Joe Schoen mistakes that are haunting the NY Giants in 2023

The '23 campaign feels like it's already over for the Giants

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In his short time as NY Giants general manager, we've seen Joe Schoen make a plethora of moves that have looked brilliant. However, on the opposite end of the spectrum, Schoen has made some decisions that have drastically affected the Giants in negative ways and potentially even soured their playoff hopes for 2023.

While these decisions had good intentions, there's no doubt that Schoen messed up big time in making them. Giants fans are furious with the second-year GM right now and some are even calling for him to be canned. We're not there yet, but there's no question these four calls he's made since joining the team have been beyond disappointing:

4. Signing Mark Glowinski in 2022 and ignoring OL depth this offseason

In 2023, the Giants offensive line has been one of, if not the worst units in the entire NFL, and a big reason for it has to do with some of the depth decisions Schoen made this/last offseason. For example, the signing of Mark Glowinski has not paid off at all and has done some big damage to the Giants' offensive line.

Sure, a lot of the issues pertain to the injuries the line has sustained, but whether it be the putrid play of Glowinski, the release of Tyre Phillips in the summer (thankfully he's back), or the lack of any genuine guard depth, Schoen is still to blame. He has made some positive moves, don't get me wrong, but there's no reason that guys like Jalen Mayfield have suited up to play for the Giants this season.

As for Glowinski, he's been disastrous since signing with New York. While he's had a few good outings this season, almost every other game has been bad. For example, last season Glowinski had a PFF pass-blocking grade of 55.5 while allowing five sacks, and this season, despite playing just 252 pass-blocking snaps, Glowinski has allowed six sacks, which ranks first amongst guards.

There have been few positives from the offensive line this season and a lot of this can be blamed on the lack of depth. It's hard to predict injuries, but Schoen had to have had this unit more prepared to face adversity this season than they currently are.