4 unforgivable Joe Schoen mistakes that are haunting the NY Giants in 2023

The '23 campaign feels like it's already over for the Giants

New York Giants v Las Vegas Raiders
New York Giants v Las Vegas Raiders / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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3. Signing Tommy DeVito to be the No. 3 QB

Yes, you can't predict both your starting and backup QB getting injured in a span of a few weeks, but that doesn't make it okay that Schoen signed a UDFA out of Illinois who the coaching staff doesn't even trust to throw the ball. This lack of trust directly cost the Giants their potential victory against the Jets and played a large factor in their defeat to the Raiders this week.

Now, with the team having signed both Matt Barkley and Jacob Eason, their lack of trust in Tommy DeVito is as obvious as ever, making this blunder look even worse for Schoen. DeVito has had some cool moments as the Giants QB, but overall, his play has been far from ideal and Schoen looks rather silly for keeping him around.

In his two games, DeVito has completed 17 of his 27 pass attempts for 174 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions. While the Giants trusted him to throw the ball more against the Raiders, the way they used him against the Jets two weeks ago was nothing short of embarrassing.

Having a QB on your roster who's simply not NFL-ready is a complete failure of the front office to put together the best roster possible. There are countless veterans who have been available all season and would make better options than DeVito. Yet, Schoen is resilient in keeping him around. This is going to haunt him for a while.