4 unforgivable Joe Schoen mistakes that are haunting the NY Giants in 2023

The '23 campaign feels like it's already over for the Giants

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1. Signing Daniel Jones to a four year, $160 million contract extension

At the time, many called this an overpay, and now, just one season in, the decision to sign Daniel Jones to such a massive deal is looking like one that could cost Schoen big time in the long run. While the way this contract is structured will make it simpler for the Giants to move on from Jones if they please, it's still not going to be easy.

Unfortunately for Jones, his future as the team's QB1 is in serious doubt. Not only did he have an incredibly rough start to the year, but after a neck injury and now a torn ACL, Jones won't have another chance to prove that he can be the Giants QB moving forward. This, combined with the likelihood of New York taking a QB if they have a top draft pick, makes this extension look even worse.

Jones hasn't been given a fair chance since being drafted by the Giants. Sure, he's had plenty of starts, but the team surrounding him has consistently led to his downfall. Whether it be the poor offensive lines and receiving cores, or the constant coaching changes, Jones has never had a real foundation.

Regardless, Jones has had chances nonetheless and really aside from last season, he's yet to rise to the occasion and it may be time for the Giants to move on. This will be difficult thanks to the contract extension, but it's time nonetheless. Caleb Williams to East Rutherford next April? Fans would love to see it.