Updated NY Giants depth chart after the 2024 NFL Draft

Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll’s roster for the 2024 season is almost complete
New York Giants v Arizona Cardinals
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The 2024 NFL Draft is officially in the books and the roster for the NY Giants is that much closer to being completed. When the draft ended, the Giants were already hard at work signing undrafted free agents, who will hope to battle for a 53-man roster spot.

A year ago, it’s how the Giants were able to snag Tommy DeVito and Bryce Ford-Wheaton after they didn’t get selected in the 2023 NFL Draft. A year later, both are hopeful to be on the roster for the 2024 season and battle the other undrafted free agents who are vying spots, plus the six rookies who had their names called over the weekend.

Now of course, there can still be some roster changes, especially if other teams make cuts of their own and if the Giants decide to make changes to the team and the roster we currently see. But for now, this is what the updated depth chart for the Giants following the draft:


  • Daniel Jones
  • Drew Lock
  • Tommy DeVito

Many fans, and us included, were surprised to see that the same quarterbacks room for the Giants before the NFL Draft remained the same after the NFL Draft, especially after the G-Men reportedly tried to trade up to get the New England Patriots No. 3 pick to take North Carolina quarterback Drake Maye.

Joe Schoen doubled-down by stating that Jones continues to remain the starter for the Giants and that would continue to be the game plan heading into the 2024 season. Is that the long-term answer? Who knows.

So, after several months of mock drafts, trade rumors, speculation and wondering, the Giants only addition to the quarterback room was signing Drew Lock as a free agent to a one-year deal. The Giants are putting a lot of faith into a player who has a 22-36-1 career record and has been more injury prone than most players the team has seen in recent time.

The potential jobs and reputations of Schoen and Daboll could be banking on Jones making a complete turnaround in 2024, and that is if he even plays. Jones still needs to fully recover from the ACL tear suffered back in November when he last suited up.