Updated NY Giants depth chart after the 2024 NFL Draft

Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll’s roster for the 2024 season is almost complete
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Defensive line

  • Dexter Lawrence
  • Jordan Phillips
  • Rakeem Nunez-Roches
  • Jordon Riley
  • Timmy Horne
  • Ryder Anderson

In another surprise for many Giants fans, the Giants did not address the defensive line in the NFL Draft, which many expected between the second or third day of the draft. With the departures of A’Shawn Robinson in free agency and trading Leonard Williams back at the trade deadline, a draft selection was thought to be made, but it wasn’t.

This means the Giants are showing faith in Jordon Riley improving and possibly getting more playing time next to Dexter Lawrence. They’re also likely banking on the signing of veteran Jordan Phillips and having him be a positive impact up front. Lawrence up front by himself is a force and wrecks havoc on opposing offensive linemen, but he can only do so much, especially when he draws the double and triple team coverage.

The Giants edge-rushers will certainly benefit from how much attention Lawrence gets, and they will certainly benefit from it even more if players like Phillips and Riley can step up their game and help the Giants dominant defensive tackle.