Updated NY Giants depth chart after the 2024 NFL Draft

Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll’s roster for the 2024 season is almost complete
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  • Bobby Okereke
  • Carter Coughlin
  • Dyontae Johnson


  • Micah McFadden
  • Darrian Beavers
  • Darius Muasau

When the Giants made their final selection of the 2024 NFL Draft, the pick of Darius Muasau was a bit of a surprise, as the Giants added another middle linebacker to a group that was actually a strength on defense and one where many didn’t think needed to be addressed.

Bobby Okereke had 149 tackles in 2023 and was already considered to be one of the best free agent signings in team history. The middle linebacker position desperately needed someone like Okereke and he changed the middle of the defense with his presence there. With the Giants playing in a 3-4 defense, there’s a second middle linebacker starting, which was Micah McFadden and he elevated his game while playing alongside Okereke.

Before Okereke came, McFadden was decent, but not as good as he was in 2023. McFadden became a 100-plus tackler in a season and refined his game as a good middle linebacker that was a force to deal with. Having Lawrence play in front of them and having the pass-rushers on the outside makes for a much easier time on the field in the middle.


  • Kayvon Thibodeaux
  • Boogie Basham
  • Tomon Fox


  • Brian Burns
  • Azeez Ojulari
  • Benton Whitley
  • Jeremiah Martin

During the first day of free agency, the Giants decided to gamble and make a massive trade to acquire a top-tier pass-rusher to go alongside Kayvon Thibodeaux in Brian Burns, who they acquired from the Carolina Panthers. Before free agency, pass-rusher was considered a need and many had the Giants pegged to sign a pass-rusher. However, nobody expected this type of trade with the kind of possible impact it could bring to the defense.

Thibodeaux emerged as a double-digit sack pass-rusher for the Giants in 2023 and people started to see why he was the No. 5 overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. On the other side, Azeez Ojulari wasn’t quite living up to what was expected of him, which was why the Giants ended up trading for Burns to give them another star edge-rusher and someone that will take pressure off of Thibodeaux.

The addition of Burns was not only considered a tremendous move for the Giants, but because the trade didn’t cost the Giants a first-round pick, many felt it was a steal for them. Getting Burns to play alongside Thibodeaux and cause havoc on the outside is going to cause a lot of sleepless nights for opposing offensive coordinators and coaches.