Watch Saints troll Tommy DeVito, Giants and prepare to be furious

The New Orleans special teams coach made it a point to go after Tommy Cutlets

New York Giants v New Orleans Saints
New York Giants v New Orleans Saints / Chris Graythen/GettyImages

This just makes Sunday's loss to the Saints even worse. At the Superdome, the NY Giants had a chance to improve to 6-8 and keep their postseason hopes alive. Instead, the magic ran out for Tommy DeVito and the Saints posted a 24-6 win.

Everything about the play on both sides of the ball was infuriating for the G-Men. Leave it to Saints special teams coach and assistant head coach Darren Rizzi to get your blood boiling even more. Late in the fourth quarter, Rizzi was caught trolling DeVito after punter Lou Hedley pinned NY back. Even Hedley decided to take aim at DeVito. Are you serious, fellas?

Saints coach Darren Rizzi had Tommy DeVito on his mind way too much on Sunday

Okay then. Hedley had a great punt, we're not going to take that away from him. But the kiss on the cheek and Italian celebration to mock DeVito and his parents in the stands during the win over Green Bay? Yeah, that's a bit much.

That wasn't the first time Rizzi decided to troll DeVito, as he arrived to the Superdome wearing a Bergen Catholic (his alma mater) shirt. Yes, that's a fun little New Jersey rivalry, as DeVito is a proud alum of Don Bosco Prep. But add everything all up and you've got a grown man acting like a kid in his 20s.

In the end, the Saints were able to keep laughing and smiling, as they dominated the Giants and ended the NFC East side's hopes of trying to sneak into the playoffs. Watching DeVito over the past month has been a ton of fun, but the excitement came crashing down thanks to the strong play of the New Orleans defense.

New Orleans earned the win, but Rizzi should enjoy some humble pie. Him celebrating like this was just a bit over the top in our opinion.