Watch Trent Williams land cheap right hook on A'Shawn Robinson and somehow not get ejected

The All-Pro lineman should have been ejected for this play

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams
San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

This is as dirty as it gets. NY Giants head coach Brian Daboll was absolutely furious at the end of the first half of the Thursday Night Football game against the 49ers and it's easy to see why. Before the teams hit the locker rooms, Trent Williams and A'Shawn Robinson went at it.

The two were flagged, but Williams hit Robinson with a true cheap shot. The cameras caught the offensive tackle throwing a right hook at Robinson's helmet. Every single time this happens, it leads to an ejection. However, that wasn't the case on Thursday night. Why?

Trent Williams should have been ejected for his cheap shot on A'Shawn Robinson

So, the refs saw this and decided to just let things be? There should have been a long discussion and No. 71 should have been tossed. That's why Daboll was fuming and he had every right to be so angry. This was the second blown call by the refs in the first 30 minutes of action.

Earlier in the half, the awful roughing the passer penalty called on Leonard Williams for his hit on Brock Purdy basically gave San Francisco a free four points. That was unacceptable and so was the decision to let Williams keep playing. As it turns out, Williams and Robinson have had beef for quite some time:

No Christmas cards will be exchanged between these two in December, that's for sure. In all seriousness, though, Williams can't be allowed to do this and just walk away without facing serious consequences. He wasn't ejected? Absurd, but a handsome fine better be on the way for him.