Were fake Giants Wink Martindale rumors planted to make someone look bad?

Brian Daboll denied reports that there's a big issue between him and his DC

New York Giants defensive coordinator Don \"Wink\" Martindale, left, and defensive backs coach
New York Giants defensive coordinator Don \"Wink\" Martindale, left, and defensive backs coach / Danielle Parhizkaran/NorthJersey.com /

Right before kickoff on Sunday, drama arrived for the NY Giants and head coach Brian Daboll. According to insider Jay Glazer, his sources told him that tension has been rising between Coach Dabes and defensive coordinator Wink Martindale - yeah, that's not good.

The two reportedly had some issues with one another during the blowout loss against the Cowboys. However, Martindale's defense was stellar in the 10-7 win over the Patriots on Sunday, which no question had Daboll quite pleased.

So much in fact, he gave Martindale the game ball. You just know Daboll did this not only because the D played so well, but also as a response to what a lot of people are calling a fake rumor too.

Brian Daboll doubles down in saying that there's no beef between him and Wink Martindale

So, who leaked this story in the first place and was the main goal to try and make someone look like a clown in this situation? From the moment Glazer's report dropped, people couldn't stop talking about whether or not Martindale would make it through the rest of the season.

After the game while speaking with reporters, Daboll said things are just fine between him and his DC. On Monday morning, Daboll was asked about Martindale's future with the organization. While he wouldn't confirm or deny that Wink would be back next season, he once again stated that he has no problems with him. He even joked that they had just met for doughnuts too:

You can tell Daboll isn't too happy about having to talk about this, as it's taking away from his team earning a hard-fought victory in Week 12. With that win, the G-Men are now 4-8 on the year heading into their BYE week.

Daboll will surely keep on getting asked about Martindale, especially once the offseason gets here. There's going to be a lot of buzz that Martindale could potentially join a new team, but a lot of Big Blue supporters are hopeful he'll be back in East Rutherford in 2024.