WFAN host said the Giants will make 2024 playoffs if this drastic move is made

Could this game-changing decision propel the Giants back into contention for 2024?

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When examining the New York Giants' offseason checklist, nothing looms larger than finding the optimal resolution for Saquon Barkley's contract situation. After taking negotiations down to the wire last winter and utilizing the franchise tag, fans are now left wondering if the star RB has played his final game in New York or if they will see him put pen to paper on a long-term extension.

Despite the overflowing love and appreciation that all Giants' fans have for Barkley, Brandon Tierney from WFAN does not stand alone in his opinion that the best move for the G-Men is to part ways with Saquon and look to draft a younger and cheaper option in the backfield.

Tierney not only thinks that this move makes sense from a financial standpoint, but points to the fact that the Giants can improve elsewhere with the additional money available. Whether beefing up the offensive line or adding an extra defensive back… money can be better spent than on Barkley.

Saquon Barkley and the Giants seem headed towards a divorce

While it's difficult to believe that getting rid of the only constant from the Giants in the last five years is a great move, it seems like a new chapter of NY Giants football is developing. One that, unfortunately, does not include Barkley in the storyline.

With so much depth and late-gems found in drafts, specifically at the RB position, the Giants must try their luck on a low-risk, high-reward back and hope for the best. In today's NFL, running backs attract lots of interest in the draft, just to be driven into the ground with a large workload on their rookie deal, then tossed to the side like damaged goods right before their contract extension.

Whether it's Breece Hall, Kyren Williams, or even bringing it back to Giants' legend Ahmad Bradshaw - there is a rich history of great running backs developing from late-round draft picks. This is something Joe Schoen needs to keep in mind.

With Giants' management likely facing this decision sooner rather than later to develop a game plan for this offseason, everyone is waiting to see what will end up happening with No. 26. It feels like there's a strong chance he had played his final game with Big Blue.