WFAN hosts throw fit, kick Carl Banks off show over Kayvon Thibodeaux

Disrespecting the NY Giants legend like this is beyond absurd

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This is how you're going to treat an NY Giants legend?! On Wednesday, WFAN's Brandon Tierney and Sal Licata brought on Carl Banks - yes, the former incredible pass-rusher for the G-Men - to talk about the play of the Giants and youngster Kayvon Thibodeaux.

The two sides couldn't seem to get on the same page, with both Tierney and Licata calling out the former No. 5 overall pick and even body shaming him. Seriously? Banks wasn't having any of it and was quick to defend Thibodeaux and the bright future he has for this team. Ultimately, Licata and Tierney heard enough from the Big Blue great and kicked him off the program. Pathetic:

Carl Banks won't put up with Kayvon Thibodeaux hate from anyone

Banks called it unhealthy for the amount of time these two spend ripping Thibodeaux. It got the point where they decided to pull the plug, hang up on Banks and then just go on a rant about how they have the right to give their opinion on their own show.

Hey, we don't argue with that. However, Banks wasn't being disrespectful at all and was simply trying to speak his mind too on why Thibodeaux is a great player. If you listen to the full segment, you can hear Banks make some great points about Thibodeaux's strong play in 2023. What was clipped and put on social media (the clip above) didn't even come close to telling the whole story.

While Thibodeaux got off to a slow start this year, he has been playing like a stud in recent weeks. In the Week 7 win over the Commanders, Thibodeaux was putting constant pressure on Sam Howell and finished the 14-7 win with 1.5 sacks.

On the year, Thibodeaux has 5.5 sacks, which already tops his total from his rookie season: four. Thibodeaux has been far from perfect, but if someone like Banks is high on his game, then we've all got to listen. As for Tierney and Licata, they've got to be joking with the way they handled things. Banks should never be treated like this.