What is the NFL flex schedule?

Washington Commanders v New York Giants
Washington Commanders v New York Giants / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

While a lot of the focus is on the NFL Draft right now, don't forget the 2023 season will be here before you know it. As of this writing, we are less than five months away from Week 1 kicking off and it can't get here any sooner.

Due to so much movement in free agency, a lot of stars are now going to be playing for new teams, looking to make plenty of noise in '23. With that said, the schedules will be released in May as well. Once things get going, though, we could end up seeing some movement for primetime contests. This happens every year.

How does the NFL flex schedule work?

We're of course talking about games being flexxed in and out of primetime. As things stand, games that are set for Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football can now be changed for a better matchup starting in Week 5. For example, say the 3-8 Browns are set to take on the 5-6 Steelers on MNF in Week 12.

Thanks to the flex schedule, this game could be replaced by, for example, the Giants taking on the Cowboys - or another more electric showdown. Previously, only SNF contests could be flexed, but starting this season, the same can be said for MNF as well.

Roger Goodell was asked about Thursday Night Football games being flexxed as well due to terrible viewership last season, but that's not in the cards right now. However, that could end up taking place down the road, he said.

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