Here's why the Giants should worry about the Texans stealing Saquon Barkley

Is Houston the biggest threat in taking Saquon Barkley away from NY?

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With the NFL offseason frenzy officially underway, all eyes are on how the New York Giants will approach contract negotiations with Saquon Barkley. After playing last year under the franchise tag, Barkley wants to sign a long-term deal and secure his future. However, his future is totally up in the air.

Recently, insider Aaron Wilson discussed the developing relationship between Barkley and reigning offensive rookie of the year C.J Stroud. Following an incredible season where Stroud led the Texans to a playoff berth and Wild Card Round win, Houston has quickly turned from one of the league's worst teams to contenders.

Just a year ago, the Texans' future looked bleak with a lack of weapons, a first-time head coach, and a rookie QB. Today, they've assembled an offensive powerhouse and will look to continue tearing up opposing defenses in 2024. Would this team have the chance to compete for a Super Bowl in 2024 if they add Barkley?

The Houston Texans have been mentioned as a Saquon Barkley landing spot

With several key pieces, including Stroud, still on their rookie contracts, the Texans have the cap space to splurge on a player like Barkley. With Tank Dell and Nico Collins both breaking out in 2023, now is the chance to capitalize before these players begin demanding bank-breaking contracts.

While it's always fun to speculate on different offseason moves, any move is contingent on Schoen opting not to place the franchise tag on Barkley. With the NFL's salary cap jumping to $255.4 million, a potential franchise tag would be $12 million in 2024, compared to $10.1 million in 2023.

It should come as no surprise that Giants fans are holding out hope on the Giants and Barkley agreeing to a deal. The expectation is a long-term contract will be in the three-year, $37 million ballpark - Schoen certainly has a tough decision on his hands. As time passes, Giants' fans should keep an eye on the Texans as a potential threat to pry Barkley away from East Rutherford.

His building relationship with Schoen could be a reason why Barkley decides to leave town. With that said, there's still a chance Schoen finds a way to keep Barkley at MetLife Stadium via a new deal or the tag for the second consecutive campaign.