4 potential Wink Martindale replacements after he resigned from the Giants

Who will Brian Daboll bring in next to lead the defense?

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills
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3. Former Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier

One of the names that popped up almost immediately once Martindale resigned was that of Leslie Frazier, and it's easy to see why. Not only was Frazier an incredibly respected defensive coordinator with the Buffalo Bills, but his western New York experience also gained him a connection with both Schoen and Daboll, which could give him the upper hand in interviews.

While Frazier may not be my personal favorite, it's easy to see why so many are interested. Remember, just two seasons ago, when Frazier was the Bills' defensive coordinator, they had the best passing defense in the NFL, and a season later, it was still a Top 10 unit before he decided to take a break from coaching.

Now, with Frazier primed to return to the NFL, the Giants are likely going to be a top team in terms of interest. Fans may be tired of former Buffalo personnel, but Frazier could bring some much-needed consistency and stability to the defense.