3 worst calls from refs in brutal NY Giants loss to Bills

The officials were a joke in the Giants-Bills game on SNF

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
New York Giants v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages
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2. Roughing the passer called on Bobby Okereke

One of the biggest controversies that has emerged from fans in recent seasons is the evolution of the NFL's roughing the passer penalty. While this has done a lot to help out QBs, who can take quite a beating sometimes, it is simultaneously unfair to opposing defenders. The lack of clarity with the rule, alongside the several restrictions on how to hit a QB, makes it incredibly difficult for defenders to get a sack without being penalized.

The newest victim to the NFL's rules? Bobby Okereke, as he apparently hit Josh Allen a little too hard on a sack late in the second quarter. The Bills, this time, were down 6-0, looking to take the lead before the end of the first half. After being pinned down near their own end zone, Allen would roll out right and sling a pass down to Gabe Davis which would be incomplete. Despite this, the Bills would still gain 15 yards due to a penalty as a result of the following hit:

It's one thing if Okereke wrapped Allen up and took him to the ground, or hit him in the head, but he simply hit Allen square in the chest while swiping at the ball. In addition to this, Okereke was already running at full momentum - no human being could come to a complete stop between the time Allen wound up and threw the ball. This was a bogus call that should have never been called.