3 worst calls by refs in frustrating NY Giants loss to the 49ers

The Giants were on the wrong end of some terrible decision by the zebras on Thursday

New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers
New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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1. Illegal contact on Kayvon Thibodeaux on George Kittle

This play has received plenty of mixed reactions on social media, but this was probably what sent Daboll over the top and caused him to lose his mind on the refs. On third down, again, the Giants were able to make a stop, but a penalty was called on former No. 5 overall pick Kayvon Thibodeaux for illegal contact on Kittle.

We have gone back and forth on this penalty, as Thibodeaux appears to shove Kittle, but this was another soft call that shouldn't have been called either. It's not like Thibodeaux aggressively launched Kittle to the turf or anything. He dropped back in coverage and put his hands on him yes, but it wasn't over the top or anything - again, very soft. Coach Dabes was HOT when he saw this:

The Giants were fortunately able to hold the 49ers to a field goal, but Daboll was still furious. He ended up having a talk with the crew to voice his displeasure. All in all, the Giants didn't do much on offense to hang close with the 49ers, a team expected to push for a Super Bowl title this winter. They're a tremendous squad.

With that said, the Giants had to be perfect to have a shot and the refs having their terrible performance only made the uphill climb even more difficult for the G-Men. We're not saying the loss is on the refs, but come on, clean it up ASAP. They can't have this kind of a stinker and expect people to let them off the hook.