4 worst plays from Daniel Jones thus far this season

It's hard to defend Daniel Jones' rough play in 2023

Seattle Seahwaks v New York Giants
Seattle Seahwaks v New York Giants / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages
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2. The sack-fumble vs. the Seahawks

This one gave all of Big Blue some serious PTSD. Jones fumbling the football once again, and of course it had to be inside the Giants 20 yard line. The fumble would result in a Seahawks touchdown and put the Giants behind 7-0.

This was something Giants fans thought was fixed after last season. Jones fumbling the football like that took everyone back to his first couple of years in the league where it seemed like he had butter on his hands. This just can't happen, especially against a team as good as the Seahawks:

Yes, the offensive line did him no favors all night, allowing 11 sacks, and yes, he was under pressure here. It's easy to blame the offensive line, but this is another mistake that is completely on Jones. Looking back at the play, the Seahawks have an extra rusher on the left side of the line, but somehow Jones doesn't see him. That's inexcusable in every sense of the word. Jones has to be able to read that pre-snap and audible to a different play. The average Joe was yelling at him to do that from his/her couch.