4 worst plays from Daniel Jones thus far this season

It's hard to defend Daniel Jones' rough play in 2023

Seattle Seahwaks v New York Giants
Seattle Seahwaks v New York Giants / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages
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1. Devon Witherspoon's 97-yard pick six

This was the ultimate gut punch to come from the loss to Seattle. The Giants are driving. Their offense is starting top get in a groove. They are about to score and make it a 14-10 game and have momentum. Then, it happened. Devon Witherspoon intercepted Jones' pass and he took it 97 yards to the house. It's then 21-3 Seahawks and the game is over.

We've all seen the replays. Darren Waller was wide open in the corner of the end zone. Wan'Dale Robinson was also wide open on a crossing route, but none of that mattered because Jones made the wrong read. 

Quarterbacks make the wrong read. That's football. The bigger issue is Jones stared down Parris Campbell and the defense knew right away. Witherspoon said after the game they knew Jones liked to stare down his first read. If that's the scouting report on you, it needs to be fixed.

Again, this is something you would expect a rookie to make, not the guy who signed a $160 million deal. This play not only ended the game, but also could prove to be the beginning of the end of the Giants season if this downward trend continues. With the Giants at 1-4, there's a good chance they fall to 1-5 on Sunday night against the Bills.