4 worst plays from the NY Giants 26-25 loss to Rams

The Giants really let this game slip away vs. the Rams

Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants
Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages
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3. Tyrod Taylor misses a wide open Darren Waller on a crucial drive

Tyrod Taylor may have had arguably his best game of the season against the Rams, but that does not mean it didn't come without some critical mistakes. One of which includes a pass he missed to Darren Waller on 2nd and 11 with five minutes left in the game.

Not only did Taylor miss an easy throw, but there was no one near Waller and he very well could have taken it the distance. At the very least, it would have extended the Giants' drive and made life a lot easier for the offense in the final quarter. Instead, the drive died just one play later and the Giants were forced to punt.

Taylor made some incredible plays, but he also missed some easy ones such as this, some throws to Saquon Barkley earlier in the game, and another we're going to bring up shortly. He may be a fine backup, but plays like this make it difficult to have high hopes for him potentially starting next season if Daniel Jones misses time recovering from his torn ACL. At this point, it feels unlikely Taylor will be back.