Report: Lockout Killing NY Giants Ticket Sales

Did you know? The NFL Lockout is having adverse effects on tickets sales… perhaps you could have guessed. But it should be noted that the NY Giants have some of the worst numbers in the league in terms of price depreciation and actual units sold to date for the 2011 season. How depressing…

via Seat Geek:

Ticket prices across some of the NFL’s biggest teams have been selling for dramatically less in 2011 than 2010. The most obvious of these is NY Giants tickets, which sold for an average of $242 from 4/19 to 6/20 last year. This year, they have been averaging $177 a ticket.

Not only have ticket prices dropped severely, but on a day to day basis the ticket sales themselves have absolutely plummeted:

Last year, fans bought Giants tickets at a rate of about 22 per day…this year that average has been about 3 per day

How does that stack up to other teams in the league? Not too good apparently:

In contrast to the rest of the teams we looked at, Green Bay Packer’s ticket prices actually increased from their 2010 average. However, this can be attributed to the fact that they were Super Bowl Champions for the ’10-’11 season.

So apparently, Wisconsin faithful believe full well that there will be a season in 2011. Meanwhile the NY/NJ crowd buying tickets are probably doing it by accident… because NO ONE is buying tickets for the 2011 Giants season.

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