Oct 27, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; New York Giants fans look on against the Philadelphia Eagles during the first half at Lincoln Financial Field. The Giants won the game 15-7. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Giants vs Packers: GMEN HQ Staff Predictions

Despite still playing poor football, the Giants have found a way to squeeze out three wins a row.  Granted, they have either been playing against back-up quarter backs, bad teams, or a combination of both.  However, a win is a win in the NFL and somehow the Giants are back in the playoff race, although I still don’t believe it is realistic.

Before we get into this week’s questions, here is a look at the answers to last week’s:

1. Over/Under 1.5 turnovers by the Giants? Over (2)
2. Considering Foles threw for 7 touchdowns last week against the Raiders, Over/Under 3.5 TD passes for Eli? Way under (1)
3. Who will lead the Giants in carries? Andre Brown and it was not even close (30 carries)
4. Over/Under 100 receiving yards for Hakeem Nicks? Under (49 yards)
5. Over/Under 85 rushing yards for the Raiders? Over (107 yards)
6. Will the GMEN start off the second half of the season with a victory and give a late season playoff push a glimmer of hope?(Final Score) It was certainly ugly, but the Giants found a way to pull out a win. Giants 24, Raiders 20

Here is a recap of the leader board through nine games:

1 T Kaz – 28 + 3 = 31
2 Ricky – 22 + 4 = 26
3 Me – 21 + 2 = 23
4 JT – 19 + 3 = 22
5 Adam – 13 + 4 = 17
7 (T) Cousin Matt – 15
7 (T) Josh – 15
8 James F – 13
9 Tom – 8 + 2 = 10

T Kaz is still holding onto first place, but Ricky is beginning to catch up after a big week. After starting out the season slowly, JT has surged up and is now right behind me for third place. Adam, who joined us late into the year, has been very impressive so far and has made his way into the top 5.

Here are this week’s questions. Don’t forget to post your predictions in the comments below!

1. Over/Under 22.5 carries for Andre Brown?
2. Over/Under 1.5 interceptions by Eli?
3. Who will lead the Giants in tackles?
4. Over/Under 2.5 sacks for the GMEN?
5. Over/Under 105 rushing yards for Eddie Lacy?
6. Will the GMEN make it an improbable four in a row and defeat the hobbled Green Bay Packers?(Final Score)
Bonus Question: Will Matt Flynn see any playing time on Sunday?

1. Under
2. Under
3. Antrel Rolle
4. Under
5. Under
6. Yes! Giants 28, Packers 21. Setting up a huge match-up with Dallas next week
Bonus: No Matt Flynn, but Scott Tolzien scares me. The Giants don’t do well with unknown QB’s…

1. Under, 21
2. Under, 1
3. Keith Rivers
4. Over, 4
5. Under, 97
6. No, Giants 16, Packers 13
Bonus: He will not

1. Under
2. Under
3. Antrel Rolle
4. Over
5. Under
6. Yes, Giants 37, Packers 17
Bonus: Yes

T Kaz
1. Over
2. Under
3. Jon Beason
4. Under
5. Under
6. Yes. Giants 24, Packers 10
Bonus: No

1. Over – They need him to be the work horse.
2. Over – One of the reasons I can see them losing.
3. Will Hill
4. Over – Even without JPP the Packers line is battered. The Giants’ defensive line needs to take advantage of this.
5. Over – Eddie Lacy is a beast
6. No. Packers 27, Giants 24. I have picked against the Giants the last two weeks, so I feel like I need to keep doing it. I can easily see the Giants having a few killer turnovers that lose them the game.
Bonus: Without a doubt.

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