NFC Divisional Matchup


Sorry for the recent lack of posting since I started a new job.

However, the Giants play the Cowboys in the playoffs for the first time in the history of the two rivals. Much has been said about Eli becoming elite and Tony Romo hanging out in Mexico. Patrick Crayton has been running his mouth and T.O. has been missing practice. Not that all of it matters one bit, it is just something to hype up the game and get the two clubs motivated.

This is obviously the biggest game of the season for the Giants and every game has been the biggest game for them since they played Buffalo in Week 16 needing to clinch a postseason berth. Now the Cowboys of all teams sit between them and the NFC Championship, a game the G-Men haven’t seen since they smoked the Vikings back in January of 2001.

Eli”te” Manning is very close to joining his brother, Brady, and Favre, among the top QBs in the league and a younger age than the rest of them. A win today clearly puts Eli in that category with the underdog Giants at Dallas. He has played the way the New York front office hoped when they gave up so much for him on his draft day, and a solid game and a win today clearly defines him as one of the best in the league.

The Cowboys are going to rely on their offense the way New England did. Put pressure on Romo and the receiving staff coming off a two-week layoff and he will be hitting some unfamiliar targets with Owens nowhere near 100%.

The Giants need to throw to run and not the other way around. Last week was a prime example of Jacobs being shut down before Manning had a chance to air it out. Let Eli complete passes to open up the field for Jacobs, trying it vice versa will get the Giants nowhere.

All in all expect the best game of the postseason so far, and a classic matchup between NFC East rivals. The Giants were the early underdog losing by two possessions though that line has steadily decreased. The experts split again and can’t seem to find a way to choose the G-Men after their recent successful play.

As of right now my playoff bracket is a perfect 6 for 6 and with that I am sticking with my original picks.  The Colts will devastate the Chargers by a large margin and as for the G-Men:

Giants 31, Cowboys 28