What Happens When You Get Too Predictable


Clipped from: profootballtalk.nbcsports.com (share this clip)

This is what happens when you get too predictable, folks. The Jets found out the hard way that when you tip your play calls and rely solely on execution — you fail miserably against good defenses.

"“On third-and-1, your right tackle’s in a two-point stance,” Playbook analyst Brian Baldinger said. “Right now, LaMarr Woodley knows you’re not running the ball. You’re not running the ball out of a two-point stance on the goal line. Right there, that’s a dead giveaway. LaMarr Woodley doesn’t charge he just plays the ball and bats it down.”"

In effect, the season was on the line and the Jets telegraphed their play calls to a fault. Kevin Gilbride, take note.