Video: Strahan On PFT Live


Michael Strahan called in to PFT Live today to discuss all kinds of topics, including the CBA, lockout possibilities, and the state of the NY Giants. Check out the video:

On signing Burress, I’m starting to get worn down here. Tremendous talent right up until he shot himself? Absolutely. Does he have a future with the Giants? Who knows! Strahan said the organization should pursue resigning him, you the fans seem to be open it it based on comments, and frankly with Steve Smith and Domenik Hixon coming off injuries there is no telling what’s going to happen at WR for the Giants this year. If, like Vick, the Giants sign Burress to a deal out of prison, what are the odds he has a breakout season year one? It’s got to be a rare enough thing for the Giants to consider this Burress situation carefully, without haste come June.

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