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"Some of the draft selections will not only suit up on Sundays, but also play significant roles."

Obviously Prince, Marvin, and Jerrel make the list, but who else?  Check the story to see what rationale lie behind the other 2011 draft picks getting a jersey.

RB Charles Scott In Car Accident, But O.K. – Star-Ledger

"Giants running back Charles Scott was involved in a car accident in Louisiana earlier this week, according to his agent, Jon Perzley. “He’s doing well. He’s definitely got some cuts and bruises. He’ll be okay, put it that way,” Perzley said by phone minutes ago. “He’s going to be fine. And anytime there’s a car accident, you’re just so glad he’s alive. He’s like a brother to me. He’s okay.”"

Giants Need More Cohesiveness On Defense – Giants Football Blog

"The Giants finished seventh in overall defense in the NFL last year (8th vs the rush and 9th vs the pass) but were 17th in points surrendered. GM Jerry Reese has cited that the Giants gave up “too many big plays down the middle”.  Not only that, they gave up those big plays at the worst possible times and played sloppily on both sides of the ball and on special teams."

My take:  Fennely makes a good point that the biggest plays of defense given up down the stretch — Dallas #2, Green Bay and Philadelphia #2 come immediately to mind — zapped every kind of positive momentum the Giants had built up about the defensive secondary as being improved.  Yeah, the Giants had a top group for much of the season, maybe I would go as far to say MOST of the season, but clearly not all of it.  Consistency was not fully achieved, and giving up big plays over and over again was something I thought the Giants were set on completely eliminating in 2010.  On the back nine, the wheels came off big time.  Perhaps Prince coming into the picture gives one segment more cohesiveness, perhaps Jones another.  We’ll have to wait and see what unfolds at camp (if there is one).

NY Daily News – Marvin Austin is a quality kid despite big mistake

"The head coach at the University of North Carolina also remembers thinking how unjust it seemed that he was about to take away the college career of a player he considered to be a genuinely good kid. “He’s not a bad guy,” says Davis. “Marvin doesn’t drink, he doesn’t do drugs. He doesn’t do any of that. He made a bad choice.”"

Character issues are something the Giants have been known for trying to avoid, but when you consider human nature and that everyone is bound to make some mistakes and undergo some growing pains I think you have to look through the prism of second chances.  Clearly, the Giants felt the talent and motivation on the part of Marvin Austin is there, enough to give him that second chance.  Austin’s character should not necessarily be pre-judged here, like Ahmad Bradshaw in 2007 he may prove to be a great guy and a great player without any recurring issues.