Cowboys Picked To Rebound… AGAIN


Right On Cue, the Cowboys have been selected to finally make use of all that talent and rebound in 2011…

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It happens this time every year, I know. The Cowboys have been selected to rebound yet again in 2011, assuming there is a season.  ESPN NY tries to make sense of it:

"Now, I know, I know… everybody’s going to say that everybody always picks the Cowboys and they always disappoint. We’ve been over that ground and we’ll be over it again. I side with John here, and you already knew that, but if your opinion is different you’re going to think we’re nuts. Fine. Way it goes."

The ultimate point is that the outlook on Seattle, San Francisco, and Arizona remain fairly pessimistic — so the Cowboys along with the rest of the NFC East will ultimately benefit from a 3-1 or even 4-0 record against those teams. I’m fine with that, but what sticks in my craw every single year is how come June – the Cowboys are on the tip of everyone’s tongue in the main stream sports media and haven’t lived up to it in well over a decade.

As I posted earlier this offseason, the Giants will have no trouble with those teams as well, and it will be one of the reasons the Giants return to the playoffs with an 11-5 record.