Day 2 Around the NFC East


The frenzy continues, and it has very little regard for the schedules of us humble bloggers. Since some writers play softball on Wednesday nights, I am using my lunch hour to keep you up to date on a few of the rumours I mentioned in last night’s post.

This time, however, I am starting with the latest in New York.

New York Giants

  • We have a new center, and it’s David Baas, the 6-foot-4, 319-pound six-year veteran acquired from the 49ers. I like signing a veteran for this position, and it sounds like this will come as a big loss to San Francisco. He is also the kind of versatile player the Giants love, who played his first five seasons at guard, then had a strong season in 2010, starting all 16 games at center.
  • Early reports are coming in that Brandon Jacobs has agreed to rework his contract with the Giants. This is great news, not only because Jacobs stays, but this will allow the Giants to keep Ahmad Bradshaw, who is considered one of the top free agents on the market. Both guys have said they want to remain in New York, and we will keep you posted on anything that develops here.
  • Plaxico Burress coming back to New York? Apparently it is not out of the question, as he may be meeting with the team as early as Friday. Both sides have said they are willing to talk about a possible return. As dynamic a player as he once was, and very well could still be, this is a surprise to me. We will see what happens!

 Philadelphia Eagles

  • I won’t be the only one on the ball field today. The Eagles’ training camp begins today, and as of this morning, Kevin Kolb is still on the team. Yesterday I mentioned that the Seahawks were interested in him and their signing of Tarvaris Jackson didn’t necessarily change that. I guess Seattle has more faith in him then I do, since it sounds like they have dropped out of the running for Kolb. Arizona is still an option as of now, and it seems like the two teams are sizing each other up at the moment. Time will tell.
  • Time will also tell whether DeSean Jackson will be a holdout during the already shortened preseason. The general feeling around the league is that a player will not officially declare himself as a lockout until he chooses not to report to camp on Thursday, even if a team has a Wednesday schedule. In all likelihood, if Jackson’s actions this afternoon will reflect his intent, but it will not be official until tomorrow, so stay tuned!
  • Reports are coming in that the Eagles are dropping all of their own free agents in favour of shopping elsewhere. For anyone who is so inclined, this link will take you to live updates surrounding the Eagles free agency. 

 Dallas Cowboys

  • Yesterday I noted that the Cowboys’ first priority was to sign Doug Free. It appears this has happened with a 4-year, $32 million deal. Of course, with the Cowboys’ salary cap woes, cuts will need to continue.
  • And continue they have! The latest rumoured casualties are OT Robert Brewster, OG Travis Bright and LB Kelvin Smith. These were all practice squad guys so no real significance there other then it will clear salary space.
  • Yesterday I reported that RT Marc Colombo is among those to be officially released Thursday. While it appears that this is still true, new rumours are surfacing that he will be resigned by the Cowboys with a reduced contract.

Washington Redskins

  • Reports are saying that the Redskins and Vikings are still negotiating a possible Donovan McNabb trade, and while the Vikings are exploring other options, he seems to be their first choice at the moment. If he goes to the Vikings it sounds like he will be taking a major pay cut and will only have a one-year deal. But given his well-publicized problems from last season, I can’t imagine anyone else would offer anything more than this.
  • Barry Cofield has reportedly agreed to a 6-year, $36 million contract with the Redskins. It looks like the Giants did try to keep him, but they just couldn’t entice him as well as the Redskins could. It’s never fun when a player goes to a rival team.
  • Here is an open thread for anyone wanting to follow the latest with the Redskins, who are likely to make more noise as the week continues.

As always, keep visiting us here at Gmen HQ for the latest news.