Enemy Exchange – Eagles Questions Answered


I had an opportunity this week to exchange a few questions with Bob Wankel of Fansided’s Eagles Blog – Inside The Iggles.

Here is what we talked about concerning the NY Giants:

"1.       The Giants have sustained an incredible number of injuries early this season, but which one has had the greatest impact on the team?"

CB Terrell Thomas has been the biggest loss to the team.  He was the best corner we had, best pure tackler, and his replacement was even injured during training camp.  So now, Aaron Ross who has been consistently awful is left to step up in his place.  Behind him, Prince Amukamara who was the first draft pick the Giants made this year.  He has a broken foot and not due back to practice until October.  Pretty pathetic.

"2.       Eli Manning has won a Super Bowl only four seasons ago, but his play still draws a considerable amount of debate from fans and media. What is the overall perception of Giants’ quarterback in New York?"

That he makes too many mistakes be it forcing the ball into tight coverage, or goes to the turf head first and looses the football at the most critical moment of the game.  He has talent, knows the offense, can play ata a high lever — and if he minimized those mistakes he would be at that level he says he can play at.  Waiting to see it. Haven’t seen it in 2 years.

"3.       What are the two things the Giants absolutely must do in order to win Sunday’s game?"

The Giants are going to need to do what they always do — Run the football and pressure the QB.  The offense is predicated on the ability to run the football.  That means the line needs to make some blocks into the second level… if not they will sputter on offense.  Short passes to hit guys in motion are also going to need to be there, and the playaction that ultimately follows needs to be executed.

The other thing — get pressure on the QB.  If that’s Vick, fine.  If it’s Kafka… I’ll be more optimistic.  But the way the corners have been struggling the Giants best shot on defense is to get that pressure early and often and shut things down before they get going for the Eagles.

"4.       It seems like Osi Unemyiora is constantly in the headlines as of late. He’s had much to say about his contract, injuries, desire to still play with the Giants, the Eagles, etc. What do you make of Umenyiora’s candor?"

I can appreciate less coy behavior and more candor this day in age.  The media baits every NFL player behind a microphone, to see Umenyiora respectful but honest and willing to discuss his opinions is refreshing and the way it ought to be.  No canned answers, no bitterness — just honest discussion about the reality of contracts and negotiations in the NFL today.  Beyond that, I really hope he does want to help the Giants win this season and that he gets back on the field soon to that end.

"5.       Big divisional game. Two bitter rivals. A swing game for both teams—who you got? Give a score and briefly explain why."

I have the Giants.  I think they were so close in getting over that hump and getting back to the offseason last time these teams played — I think they figured a few things out.  But then they left early.  They NEED to play for 60 minutes, and no one on this team has forgotten what happened last time.  If you can’t get up for this game, you don’t belong on the Giants or Eagles for that matter.

Giants 27-24