There’s been a lot of arguments/comparisons made to and about this year’s Giants squad and that of the 2007 version that went on to win the Super Bowl.

If you’re of the mindset that these two teams are indeed similar and therefore the Giants will beat the top-seeded Packers this week after losing to them 38-35 earlier in the year, just like in 2007 when the Giants lost to the Patriots by that same score and went on to defeat them in the Super Bowl, well, we have one more good omen for you to throw around when talking about it with your friends and non-believers.

This NFL season saw the Packers put up 560 points. That led the league. And was the NFL’s second-highest scoring total for a single season ever. Behind who? The 2007 New England Patriots. The supposedly unbeatable 2007 Patriots.

If the Giants beat the Packers this weekend they can say they knocked off the top two highest scoring offenses in NFL history. Not a bad thing to boast about if you’re a defensive player on the Giants squad. Of course, there’s still the little matter of the Giants having to knock off the Packers on Sunday first…