New York Giants: Strategic Approach to NFL Draft (Part II)

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Credit: Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

*The second part of a two-piece installment on potential Giants NFL Draft strategies. Find part 1 here*

Nothing characterizes the New York Giants more than the speculation aspect of outside sources predicting their moves. Countless times mock drafts have been drawn up only for Big Blue to go another direction. But alas, after what was an exciting free agency that saw them spend big bucks to add thirteen players and re-sign another six — what should happen now? Here are the next four possible tactics the Giants can take heading into May 8th:

4. Giants go offense heavy throughout

Undoubtedly the most important thing that must be done is for the Giants to find capable players for the offensive side of the ball. The offense finished near dead last in almost every category offensively, yet they finished top ten in defense. Their free agency focused on defense and strengthening multiple positions, so offense could be the primary objective in this draft.

With their seven selections, the Giants very well could add two offensive lineman, two tight ends and at least one running back and wide receiver. Though they would commit every pick to that side of the ball, they would do a thorough job of adding bodies to positions that still require some support.

Even if they do not use every selection, but focus on offense, there is a good chance they will have a young, up-and-coming roster on offense to learn a new scheme and carry it for the next handful of years.